Thursday, March 29, 2012

"You should have a blog or write a book"

Well actually I DO have a blog... see right here.... no HERE! But as you can see I am notoriously sporadic in my blogging. Sometimes when I would most like to blog I am indignant about something and when I am in that state... well sometimes it's just not pretty! I tend to be more honest than most people can handle and that isn't always a good thing. Sometimes the truth is less important than the relationship. I know I am right so I don't always have to rub the other person's nose in my "rightness". Ok well there are some people I would like to SMOTHER in my rightness but those aren't the ones that I care about the relationship enough to squelch my "rightness".

You are going to have a random sampling of life as we know it right now because tonight this is about posting something and I won't promise any of my thoughts will be coherent or cohesive just here and real. I have found in my writing that sometimes you just have to write...the content can be fluff or meaningful but the more you write the more the habit returns and eventually my faithful readers (all 3 of you!) will get something worthwhile to read.

We are approaching another graduation and you guys remember how that went the last time... the sobbing, the gnashing of teeth, the agony... you will be happy to know James has promised to be braver this time! My Anna Claire, my Anna Banana is approaching the end of her homeschooling days and will be off to college in the fall. She has been accepted to Warren Wilson College which is THE coolest place on the planet. As Sarah remarked after reading their brochure, "This is SO cool, it's like SUMMER camp!"

Soon I will be searching for music and pictures, ordering a diploma, cap and gown, booking a hall for the graduation ceremony/party. This is a new season for me as I am not ashamed to admit Anna is my favorite. My other children know that and often juggle for position on the rare occasion that Anna falls from favor. It usually doesn't last long but they get a brief stint as favorite until she dethrones them and resumes her post. I won't get all sappy because I have many months ahead to do that with all the details of the impending graduation and her leaving me for college.

So for now I am back and I will try hard to make this a worth way to spend a few moments in your day!