Friday, October 1, 2010

A Confession

Ok here's my confession... I feel off the blog wagon! I was so committed to writing at least weekly and at one time even did it for a short time daily but life is sooooo busy!
I noticed it had been like a year since I last wrote! Lots has happened in that time! We have moved AGAIN... yeah I know Anna's boyfriend Oliver says if we move again he's staging an intervention!

We have returned to the farm in Chapel Hill that originally belonged to James' grandfather and where his mother grew up and where he spent most weekends of his youth. We have 13 acres here of wooded bliss... we are secluded and happy! The house is small but the outside is big so we are managing just fine!

We have had several vacations and other life events and perhaps I will put together a "recap" post soon but today I thought I would just write a short post and try to get my blog legs back!


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