Monday, August 24, 2009

Peace College Move In Day!

Well this was a big weekend... ok that was THE understatement of the century! My eldest headed off to college this past weekend. Her dorm move in time was 8am so we packed the car Friday night and were all set to go with the addition of her toiletries and laptop on our way out. We took all the kids and Dad joined us for lunch.

I have to say that this college has it all together for move in day. I remember my move in day... there were a zillion people all trying to accomplish the same things at the same time with no help from anyone other than your parents if you were lucky to have them along! We pulled into the parking lot this past Saturday and checked in under the white tents, got our packet of information and parking passes and were then directed to get into the car line. We then waited briefly for the security folks to direct us to the proper place to park. We were then converged upon by a big group of girls who are upperclassmen who quickly unpacked our van and placed everything on the properly numbered tarp. After we were unpacked I moved the van back into the main parking lot and those same girls began taking all of Sarah's belongings upstairs. Move in times are determined by your last name so the traffic was light and everything went smoothly.

We had a bit of a wrinkle once upstairs because Sarah's assigned roommate had suggested a roommate switch because she had met someone during summer school and they really wanted to room together ... Sarah and the other girl didn't know anyone yet so both were happy to regroup. The problem came when we discovered that the "all clear" for the room switch had not be thoroughly executed by the roommate as she had told Sarah. After a bit of back and forth and a little frustration everything was sorted out and all 4 girls were happily situated in the proper configuration.

There were moments of butterflies and being overwhelmed but we got everything unpacked and set up. A few additional shopping trips were needed for things forgotten and not thought of in the first place! I returned with yet more things that were forgotten the next day but I think they are all settled.

On Saturday when we left Jack was very sad and began to cry... we knew this was going to be hard for him because he is so close to Sarah. Once Jack began to cry Sarah began to cry which made me cry which made James cry... all in all we were all a mess! We headed home where Jack discovered Sarah had left her Teddy bear at home (which she intended ) he was very concerned and carried it around all evening. Later Anna offered for him to sleep in Sarah's bed which made him happy.

We are all sad and miss her but she isn't too far away. I can't be too sad because this is her time to be young and free and do exciting things. We are so proud of her and all she's accomplished and all we know she will accomplish over the next four years!

We love you college girl!