Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Graduation girl!!!!!!!!!

Well it's upon us.... THE graduation looms large and just a few days away! I have spent the last few weeks in tears on and off and let's be real folks... some occasions of just gut wrenching sobbing! My girl is all done with high school... all done with our homeschooling and leaving us to live in a dorm on a college campus! The upside is that she is not far away so I can see her during the week if I want to drive downtown and tempt her with non campus type food (although I toured the cafeteria and it sounded better than what's been coming out of my kitchen lately!! )

We started this whole planning for THE graduation months ago talking about what we wanted and didn't want... we designed invitations and made them, then gathered addresses and sent them out to all of our friends and family hoping that a good group of them could join us. I booked the hall at the church, located a sound system to borrow, a projector to show the slideshow I planned to make and so on. Our family has been so blessed with so many people who are also excited about this big step in our life and have graciously loaned expensive equipment to us and encouraged us in our plans.

The slideshow has proven to be more of an undertaking than I originally appreciated... we have friends that do all sorts of really cool things with this nifty computer feature... I am no Bill Gates but I thought I could muddle through. BOY!! The actual software for building the slideshow wasn't so difficult but once I had my masterpiece all together the actual getting it from the computer onto a DVD that I could play proved to be a really confusing process! We consulted a friend who cleared it up for us but then had difficulty getting our software to behave and play nicely. I downloaded multiple other programs that were supposed to do the same thing and found them to be useless and confusing. FINALLY I found one that worked but hey this free software puts a watermark in the middle of each slide (so my precious girl's baby head was tattooed with the company logo! ) I really didn't want to BUY more software that was only for this one thing so I plodded on. Again I we finally got it onto a DVD and guess what? Music skippage! UGH! So I spent another day fighting with it and I think I can now say FINALLY FINALLY it's on a DVD and the music seems to be behaving! Now I just have to figure out how to hook up the projector and I am in business!

This whole process has been interesting because I have really been surprised at myself .... deep down I am a big ole crybaby! I was okay until I started stringing those baby pictures together leading up to the present day.... then adding all that sappy music that you just have to have for such a thing... the first time through by picture 3 I was sobbing... not just shedding tears, not silent weeping I mean SOBBING! I had to close my door so the kids didn't think someone had died! During the whole making of process I had to watch it over and over to get things just right and each time I was in tears! Hubby finally watched it and immediately complained about how he couldn't be expected to watch this and not cry and how cruel I was to make him do it... I reminded him that I was going for desensitization hoping that I would have seen it enough by the big day that I could make it through without making a mess of myself! Right in the midst of that blubbering fest the mailman had the nerve to show up with the diploma, cap and gown! Luckily the girl was away at the beach so I didn't have to see her in it right away!

Yesterday she did try it on and it was really cute how giddy she was about the whole thing... the dry humor as she tried on the mortarboard ...."gee mom who put one of these on their heads and said 'yeah this is a great hat for graduation' ??" This followed by snorts and guffaws and ultimately for mom at least more tears!

This is one of those "really big things" in life... I am so proud of our girl, she's worked hard, been accepted at a very nice private women's college with a very generous scholarship and she's a great kid to boot. Yep I wish I could just dust off my hands and say "job well done" but oh it's not just my job... too many others to name were involved in arriving in this place. The major player has been the girl herself... she's made the right choice so many times when she didn't have to but wanted to do the right thing. She's taken on growing up with so much grace and poise, she hasn't been afraid to say when she was overwhelmed or unsure, she's always trusted us to give her the freedom and guidance she needed and we have trusted her to take that freedom and use it well.

So here's to my girl, Sarah Elizabeth , our graduation girl! (Junie B. Jones would be proud!)


Debbie said...

Can you believe we're in this stage of our lives! Its my turn for the 3rd time next year. My concern is that he will do something with his life & actually asking God for direction!

Jacque said...

Ahhhh you guys are just so dog gone precious! Blubbering and all! I can only hope to be there some day!