Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catching up and Graduation Update!

It's been a while since I have written anything... life has been busy with all the graduation stuff, the getting ready for college stuff, summer, lots of birthdays and all that sort of thing! Technically there isn't really an excuse for it because I have been spending plenty of time at the computer just haven't been using it to do anything productive!

Ok here are the updates... we had the graduation for Sarah and everything went wonderfully! We had lots of friends there to help celebrate... I managed to get through without an "ugly" cry and everything worked like it was supposed to ! The day was one we will remember for many many years to come! It was like a warm blanket of love, care and support from all of our friends and family that shared the day with us.

The following weekend Sarah and I were off to her college orientation weekend ... she had a blast and my brain began to melt after two full days of information overload! She's all registered for her classes now and has her room assignment and has emailed her roommate. We are in those last weeks of summer before she heads off for the fall... it's all gone so fast!

We are headed to the beach in another week or so for our last vacation before having to factor in school schedules... it's been a long time since we had to pay attention to any one's calendar other than our own! Lots of changes coming !

So nothing terribly philosophical today just a hey let's catch up and get back on this blogging thing!

Lots of pictures from the graduation so enjoy!!

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