Thursday, April 30, 2009


My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint. ~Erma Bombeck

OK I know this will come as a shock to everyone but I don't like to do housework... I mean if it was meant to be fun wouldn't they have named it something else?? Like house whoooppeeeee or housewheeeeee! ??? Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to have hidden my dislike for housework from my children... if I had it to do over again I would have been doing some serious housewhheeee whenever they were around so much so that they would be BEGGING me to allow them the pleasure of scrubbing the toilets!!! Remember when our little folks wanted to wash the dishes? Most of us were so busy all we could think of is the mess they would make, would they do a good job etc.... now they are older and wiser and no one is lined up by my kitchen sink begging to wash a dish! I figure my house is just clean enough that the health department wouldn't shut me down if they arrived to do a surprise inspection.

I can honestly say that my kids can't say that their mother ever put them off because she was doing housework. I think when they are older they will appreciate that there was never any "good" furniture they weren't allowed to sit on. There was hardly ever a freshly mopped floor they were banned from walking over although now and then there was a dirty footprint that remained for weeks until I mopped again after someone walked over the floor and was surprised to find it wet from being cleaned rather than wet from the latest spill!! Also my kids didn't have their nostrils assailed by the acrid smells of bleach, ammonia and other cleaning products. My hubby likes the smell of pine cleaner .... I like the smell of living! I figure he gets a live tree at Christmas so that's my contribution to his desire to smell pine!! My threshold for dirt is much higher than James'... that's the main reason he usually does the vacuuming, mopping and laundry. I can't complain that my husband doesn't help with the housework but I certainly can't fault him if he complains that his wife isn't much help!

As my kids get older they will sometimes have those "got to clean this crap up!" meltdowns that we all have.... I have to say it's nice to see them have one now and then since I often wonder what the level of filth would have to be to illicit some action from them! The sad thing is that I think my kids probably have the "clean" gene and I have just snuffed it out! My Grandmother is a clean freak... there were chores my Mom wasn't even allowed to do because she might not get it good enough! When she and my Dad got married there were things she didn't know how to do that he had to teach her since he had grown up one of the oldest of 7 kids and knew how to do most everything involved in housekeeping.

I don't know why I can't seem to get it together I mean I am an adult, I wasn't raised in a messy house yet I keep a messy house!! I don't think I am lazy, I mean I find time to all sorts of other stuff! My room was messy when I was a kid... my father would threaten to back a dump truck up and use a shovel to clean it out once and for all! I always sort of hoped he would! I found it overwhelming! I am sentimental and keep too much stuff and then I don't have any sort of system for keeping the stuff... I mean really there has to be a system out there ?? I worry that my kids will either grow up, move out and live in a pigsty or be neat freaks because they are scarred from their life of living in clutter! Can't they just be balanced? I am sure I am screwing them up with yet another of my shortcomings!

Anyway I keep hearing that kids rarely say they would prefer a clean house over real time spent with their parents and that older adults rarely lament their lack of clean laundry over spending time with their kids so hopefully we will all turn out ok! I would much rather spend my time messing things up with my kids than keeping everything museum clean!

Oh well I suppose I should go and clean the kitchen and unpack a few more boxes to assuage my guilt!

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