Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I told you so!

Well I said it would happen! I KNEW I would fall off the wagon in the midst of the move! OK deep breath ....it's all good really!? We are now in our new house... finding more little things that have to be dealt with than anticipated but realizing that it's always that way!

Seems the fellow that did the painting touch ups used the wrong paint so our walls are pristine but polka dotted! I went into the garage to investigate the paint cans and found three cans... two with the same secret code numbers on them and one that although the color dot on top looked mostly the same those dang secret code numbers were different! So we are retouching the touch ups! The girls all decided they wanted their rooms to be painted so we now have one REALLY bright lime green room (Pear Green the can tells me!) and one VERY bright pink room (Sugar and Spice it's called but hubby insists it should be called Pepto!) They are happy with them so the goal was accomplished.

We have the two boyfriends here helping move heavy stuff... Sarah's boyfriend Jason is on spring break from college and being the sweetheart I told you about he's here painting, carrying furniture and generally being a great help. Anna's boyfriend, Oliver is here also doing lots of carrying heavy stuff and eating us out of house and home! Boy those teen boys can eat!! Oliver's body clock is very different from ours so we alternate between starving him and depriving him of sleep! He's an early to bed early to rise kind of fellow and we are all night owls so finding a quiet place he can rest when he is done in for the day has been a challenge! Another amusing thing about Oliver is that he is extremely spatially challenged... I have piles of boxes that defy gravity... huge boxes stacked on top of small boxes headed towards the ceiling. It looks very "Seussian" and I am waiting for the Who's to come to retrieve their belongings! Surely all this crap can't be mine alone!???

I had forgotten how unsettling moving is for our two kiddos that struggle with autism and sensory integration issues. New houses have different smells, sounds, feels, and sights. Ainsley really needed her room set up right away so that she had a place to retreat to. We painted her room last night and moving her stuff around and leaving her somewhat still scrambled at bed time was really tough for her. Jack who has SID really has struggled with self modulation... yesterday he fell into alot of echolalia and I am sorry to say the exhausted bunch of us weren't terribly patient with him! He spent most of the day kneading a ball of clay he got from a birthday party over the weekend and was a bit calmer by night time.

Because of the painting fiasco we don't have as much furniture really "set up" as we would like but I know my family ...if we set things up we will have polka dotted walls for the rest of our time here! The painting will NEVER get done once we get "settled" so I am keeping everyone "unsettled"!!!

So that's the update... we moved.... our stuff is in the new house and we are trying to settle in... it will happen eventually I am sure of it!

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Joell said...

I can SO relate to the moving chaos...have done it many many times. Rest assured, it does all get taken care of...eventually. I had to laugh as I read about how if you get settled the walls will stay polka dotted! Sounds terribly familiar.

Glad y'all are all safe in the "Seuss house"..