Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lost Things

Well it was bound to happen.... things get lost when you move. Unfortunately the things that are lost at my house currently seem to be the coffee pot, my shower curtain, and most of my clothing! Jack is missing the Playstation 2 but we did locate the Wii and get it hooked up and going today! Actually we are missing 2 PS2's... no one seems to care about the Gamecube much anymore but I assume it's also missing as I haven't seen it and no battles over who's turn it is have ensued.

The funny thing about moving (really there are some!) is that for all the things that get lost you always find something that when it was originally lost you couldn't imagine how life could go on without finding it. Now 3 1/2 yrs later I am finding things lost in the last move that I am delighted to locate! Amazingly I found quite a few library books (yeah I know they have been missing for 3 1/2 YEARS!) in a box in the garage. Now I feel bad about my insistence with the librarian that I DID turn them in! I swore they were carefully placed in a tote bag during the last move and delivered to the library! OK well PART of that was true! They were in a tote bag but someone packed it in a box that has been in the garage for 3 1/2 years! Oh well at least I can use my own library card again now! Hubby says he is glad I can stop marring his name in the library now by using his card and returning books late. This from the man who once placed his library books in his nightstand where they sat for 3 months and insisted that he hadn't checked out any books and all THOSE books on his nightstand were ones he owned! Yeah well buddy after 3 months of overdue fines you DO own them! Only the library got custody and you get to visit them on occasion!

We have long since thought we have some magical creature living in our house that collects odd things to inconvenience us. We have a laundry basket with tons of unmatched socks (I know I should throw them out but what if the other sock is found??? ), I have camera cases that no longer have cameras in them, lost books, lost clothing, hubby once looked for 3 months after a move for the box that contained the battery charger and all the rechargeable batteries.. you know the one he marked so carefully and clearly so as not to lose it??? Kind of like my coffee pot... it was one of the last things packed how could it be lost??? Today I resorted to pouring boiling water over one of those filter packs that goes in the small coffee makers.... it was fairly weak but better than bludgeoning the family!

We spent today painting, scrubbing baseboards and trying to figure out where things should go. My Dad drove up to deliver a piece of furniture that he did some repair work on. My Dad is a tough old bird...his health isn't great these days but he still does his own yard work, builds things, repairs things , and fishes every chance he gets. He just found out his baby brother has prostate cancer and it weighs so heavily on him. His Dad died when he was 18 and he's been the "man of the house" ever since. He has 2 sisters and 4 brothers, 1 sister and 1 brother have passed on as well as his mom.

His mom was a tough old bird too... she raised those children alone after her husband died. She always put them first and loved them with a devotion and determination that should make most of us ashamed in comparison. When her husband died she didn't know how to drive, didn't know where they banked, knew nothing about the family business or any of their financial dealings. Her job was to raise children and keep house. She learned how to drive, went to work and made sure her kids were educated, law abiding citizens. She never remarried and never really dated...she said she married her soulmate and had no need to go looking for another. She kept us and various other cousins while we were growing up and even kept several of the great grandchildren in her later years when needed. When I started my family a little earlier than planned she was never critical and always supported me in finding my way through those hard first years of marriage and parenthood. She was heartbroken when we discovered that Ainsley had a genetic syndrome and then later autism. She was determined that she would be treated as all the other kids and was convinced she could learn just like everyone else if given the proper time and patience. She was a natural teacher often teaching the grandchildren and great grandchildren things that the parents had tried and tried! Tying shoes, colors, letters, all those things parents worry about she would wave you out the door and say "don't worry they will learn when they are ready". When the time came to retrieve your child they would suddenly burst out with "look Mommy that blouse is chartruese" it was like she planted some magical chip in their brains that now allowed them to master all things previously difficult!

Possesions and people... all lost things rattling around in my mind tonight. Here's to hoping tomorrow unearths the coffee pot!

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Joell said...

Funny how things have a way of appearing...and disappearing, as the case may be! Ha. I'm telling coffee. pot. Don't torture yourself anymore! LOL

Loved reading about your dad and grandma too!