Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just feeling chatty....

Lots going on at our house this week... we are getting ready to move to a new house.. thankfully we are staying in the same general area... different town but suburb of the same major place.

Moving is always stressful and exciting... what will I love about this house, what will I hate? Will the kids like their new rooms... miss the old house? Will there be something about THIS house that will make me a better housekeeper?? We can all hope for that miracle! I like fresh starts... when I was a kid I loved that new box of crayons on the first day of school. I was really sad when by midyear they were broken, their paper jackets once so tidy now peeled down to reveal their blunt tips, some broken or missing. Hopefully this will be that last "temporary" place before we buy our farm and build that dream house!

I often think about that "dream house" I am often conflicted about the timing... wouldn't it be great to have a THE dream house when your kids are small so they can grow up there their entire lives? But wait... who I am now is so different from those beginning days as a parent so doesn't it make sense to have it now that I am older (wiser I hope!) ??

If I had built the dream house when my kids were little I may not have known at that point that I should give some thought to whether Ainsley will live at home for the rest of her life or if we would find a group home at some point? Would I have known that the rhythms of my children make them better upstairs versus downstairs dwellers? At 23 would I have considered that one day I may not be able to climb stairs or even that my doorways might have to accommodate a wheelchair one day should I or my spouse become disabled ? I think there's something to be said for the universe and it's incredible timing... I think it's a "God thing" ... for me at least there's something bigger than me out there that is helping me see the timing in everything.

Anyway having those night time "new thing" is coming thoughts making me a bit sleepless. I don't want to spoil my 1 1/2 readers by writing too much all at once!

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Joell said...

Girl I have moved so many times and if I never moved again, I would be SO glad.

Every time we've moved I think the SAME thing...maybe I can be a better housekeeper this time. Buahahahahaha. Good luck with that.

I also loved the new box of crayons, the freshly sharpened pencils the blank unwrinkled pages of a spiral notebook. I never knew we were so similar.