Thursday, March 5, 2009


Day 2 of my vow to become a regular blogger! Well I will go ahead and let you in on something... I am moving this weekend so I am sure I will fall off the wagon pretty quickly! Pretty sure hubby with all his sweetness and tolerance for my craziness would frown upon me blogging while he wrangles boxes!

I was thinking recently about the seasons of life... our family is sort of straddling some seasons since our kids are pretty spread out. I have one heading off to college in the fall (still waiting on those fat envelopes!) I don't know if she will be near or far at this point because the jury is still out on which schools have accepted her and where her heart will lead her.

She's a good kid...she's taken on more responsibility for her siblings than most 18 yr old kids do and no one ever had to force her. She and Anna now 15 have always been best friends and I can envision them hanging out as little old ladies like my Grandmother and her sisters.... bickering over old memories and loving each other because they are sisters. She was 11 when Jack was born and immediately he became "her" baby. They share a bond that is mostly unheard of among siblings. I can imagine him going to her with many things over the next years... "hey sis I met this girl...." or " I was thinking of applying to this college". She's also taken on responsibility for her special needs sibling, I don't think I have to tell anyone that having a child with special needs is stressful for a family. There are lengthy lists that can be written of the things that are stressful... I won't bore you with that today! (I am sure there will be a day when I need to whine and wallow that you will get that list!) At any rate my Sarah never blinks or considers that she could walk away from doing whatever her sister needs. This is the sister that couldn't wipe her own bottom until around age 9 so you see where this is going! This kid has stepped up in a major way ... she does it because this is what we do in our family, she doesn't feel obligated she feels honored to have the chance to nurture others.

She's a goofy kid too... she can trip on the little dust bunnies that float through the air! She's often confounded by simple things in life yet will let fly some tidbit of brilliance that reassures me that she's not a complete blond! She can be sarcastic (no idea where THAT comes from!) and fiery when she's passionate about something. All 4 ft 11 inches and 100 lbs of her can be a force to be reckoned with if anyone messes with her siblings or those she's adopted as siblings. She found a wonderful boyfriend who has become dear to us all, he "gets it" about our family. Our sweet Jason can be found playing video games with Jack, will listen to all the Pokemon tales and other movie tidbits Ainsley tells him and cares not just about our daughter but her family. She deserves this young man's devotion and gives him the same. She's beautiful, brilliant, self assured, resilient, loving, compassionate, ornery and independent. She's MY kid... my first special girl that can't even begin to know how proud I am of her , how honored I am to be her mother, and how thankful I am that she is my daughter.

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Joell said...

Sounds like maybe you had a mini-me afterall...She sounds lovely.