Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Darn Trash day!

We have now been in our house over the course of 3 Tuesdays.... Tuesday is trash day.... for 3 1/2 yrs we didn't have trash service and schlepped our own garbage to the nearby dump. This usually took place whenever it piled up to the point the lids wouldn't fit on the trash cans and the neighborhood dogs, raccoons and opossums began to argue over our leavings! Hauling trash isn't a favorite activity of anyone at our house either so the passing of the buck has become an art form. The ever so cleaver "I'll get the trash Mom after I go to the bathroom". Either my kids are in the need of a much higher fiber diet or they have learned which things let them temporarily off the hook.

Twice during these last 3 Tuesdays I have yelled downstairs to the only mouse a stirring in the early morning hours to throw on some clothes and haul that cart to the curb ... hopeful that perhaps the banging and clanging I heard earlier wasn't the garbage truck. In fact last night Hubby even said "tomorrow is trash day isn't it?" I affirmed his statement and absolved myself of further responsibility thinking that since he had spoken the truth he would take care of the follow through. At 10am this morning he called from work and said "I forgot to put the trash cart at the curb this morning". So once again poor Anna (you see I have told you all before nothing good comes of getting up too early!) had to grab something to throw on over her pj's and haul the cart to the curb. In case you are wondering... that banging and clanging early this morning... well it WAS the garbage truck so now my cart sits neatly at the curb placed according to regulations but still full of last week's garbage!!!!

Now I am not casting blame on anyone because Hubby goes to work at 3 or 4 am (I am never sure because I am only conscious enough to kiss him goodbye and roll back over!) so I can well imagine he has many excuses for not thinking about that garbage cart! Heck I am impressed he can drive a manual transmission car at that hour much less remember chores! Of course the chance that we will EVER remember which day recycling is picked up is almost nil... they even gave us a nice neatly color coded magnet containing this information but since it's every other week and we are the gold zone and not the green zone ... what are the chances REALLY that I will remember?? Maybe my motivation will come when the first bill comes from the town containing all these charges I am now responsible for paying for water, sewer, trash, recycling etc?? Let's hope I have some motivation some where!

I used to think that I could keep my house clean if I assigned certain tasks to certain days or that even I could get my kids to help by assigning certain chores to them to be done on certain days. I quickly found out that the panic that I felt when I forgot bathroom day just when mop the kitchen floor day arrived wasn't worth it! I usually ended up with it being Friday or Saturday and every single thing I had written down as a "to do" for the week was still "un done" !! I even tried Flylady and let me tell you her emails got downright annoying! I don't operate well under nagging!!

I have always hated being told what to do ...heck I think that's the main reason I homeschool! Nothing got me steamed up faster than some 24 yr old Miss Teacherpants telling me what was best for my children when she had known them all of 4 days! There are things of course that we all have to be told to do that make sense to us ... file your taxes, pay your taxes, get a driver's license etc... you know under the whole "it's the law" kind of thing. I don't want the government telling me how to raise my child or educate my child so that's where I draw my line. There are lots of folks that don't like income tax but that's not a battle I feel I am going to take on. I would rather fight for my right to educate and raise my children as I see fit and let someone else wrestle Uncle Sam for his wallet.

Bookshelves update.... my family has agreed that MAYBE they will fit but so far it hasn't been motivation enough to get the shelves out of the garage and into the schoolroom. There are still 2 1/2 walls that need painting so that has to be done first. Frankly I think they think I will forget about it if they stall long enough.

Obviously they aren't very observant! HA!

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