Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Best Boy a Mom Could Ever Have!

The unpacking continues and we continue to find things that have been lost for a long time and wonder where the "new" lost things have gotten to! My bedroom lamps seem to be MIA and while hubby is a patient man he does go to work at 4am so he would rather not spend his first few hours in bed under the overhead room light! My lamps were somewhat shabby so replacing them really isn't a hard decision to make but wow have you priced lamps lately??? I just need light to read by not light for a photo shoot or to do neurosurgery under!

We are finally getting Jack's room original plan had been to leave his room as is with a new coat of the general house basic of creamy light taupe.... nothing doing! When Sarah and Anna painted their room lime green his wheels began to turn... then Ainsley's room became pepto pink and he was done being patient. "I want my room blue" he declared and I knew I was done! You see when my boy asks for something I can't resist! Not because he's a boy, not because he's the "baby" but I don't know just because he is Jack! There are some kids that just have that "something" about them! My friend Wendy has a kid like that. He's the type kid that when you look at him you just smile! He's just one of "those" kids! My Jack has always been a real looker... our pediatrician has commented many times that he's just a "spectacular" looking kid. He knows he is cute too and he isn't afraid to use it! He learned the big anime eyes and poked out lip at a young age! He would say "peease??" and really there was just no way to say no!

I think there IS something about the kid that you kind of know is your last one. It took us quite a while to get to that "last" child at our house. After six years of trying we had figured we might be done and need to give up. Little did we know that moving 3 hours away, giving away most of your baby stuff and deciding to live in the tiny farmhouse on hubby's grandfather's farm was the key to fertility! I developed complications at the end of my pregnancy and Jack arrived 7 weeks early after a ten day hospital stay and near death for me. We were so fortunate that he had very few issues and was able to come home with us after a short stay in the NICU. His development has given us concerns at times, his health has sometimes been questionable due to asthma and dangerous food allergies but in all he has thrived and grown under the way too adoring eyes of his family.

Jack is the youngest grandchild and first grandson so he holds a special place in the hearts of my parents.... my Daddy loves his granddaughters but something just lit up in him when he found out he was going to have a grandson. Because of Ainsley's genetic syndrome and my "advanced" age (35!!) we had an amniocentesis to help us plan his birth. Many kids with 22q are born very sick and have to have complicated heart surgeries immediately after birth so we weren't looking to select the perfect baby but to prepare should we have another child with a genetic disorder. I was home alone when they called and I first thought "oh boy this has to be a bad omen... home alone and the results are in!" The genetic counselor cut to the chase right away letting me know that my baby was healthy, free of any genetic disorders and asked if I still wanted to know the sex. Of course! She told me it was a boy and I burst into tears! Poor woman I know thought I had lost my mind and asked if I was ok !? I said yes I was fine and very happy to have a boy to join my 3 girls! I hung up the phone and called my husband... no answer! I called my mom ... no answer! I called my grandmother.... no answer! I called my husband again! NO ANSWER! SO I called my Dad and he answered so he got the honor of being the first to know that Jack was on his way! He was just tickled... he kept saying "now that's something .... isn't that something?" My great grandfather was named John and called Jack, my husband's grandfather was named Jack so we had long decided that any boy we had would be named John and called Jack. Both men were amazing men... they loved their families, worked hard, and lived upstanding honorable lives. Both of them had that "something" that twinkle we see in our Jack.... they could tease with the best of them! My dad regularly calls Jack "Jack the ripper" not because he is a sociopathic killer but because he is soooo active and "rips" around everywhere!

My brother refers to Jack as "the chosen one" which really cracks me up because he is at least 50% responsible for him holding that status! My brother finds Jack hilarious and loves to egg him on to all sorts of shenanigans! Thanks to my brother Jack learned to climb onto the roof of the golf carts we use to get around in my parent's vacation home community at around age 4! He also taught him to dive from the top of the cabin of the boat which is a little high for my taste! Jack can spin a yarn.... a gift his great grandfathers' had as well! He can just spin it out with his eyes big and make you believe whatever he is saying no matter how implausible is completely true. These aren't whoppers like "my sister broke the window and yes the bat that hit the ball is now in my hand but I was just removing it from her so she didn't do more damage" they are full fledged yarns.... ask him about sometime if you want to laugh until you wet your pants! His imagination is unparalleled at our house....he can be found hopping up the stairs cursing himself for inventing invisible ropes that are now tied around his legs and further cursing his lack of insight in inventing invisible scissors capable of cutting the invisible rope which he now can't find because after all they ARE invisible! We seriously never know what he may come up with!

As is typical with most little kids raised in houses with teenagers we are frequently embarrassed by his language. We are further impressed by his usage since he often uses these words more appropriately and accurately than the teens he learned them from. I have never been more keenly aware of how provocative prime time television is!! We love 2 1/2 Men but they push the envelope so frequently now that the boy on the show is a teen that we now have to shoo Jack from the room to avoid answering questions like "what's sex?" or " how DO babies come out?" Not conversations I want to have with my 7 yr old on the fly during the commercial breaks ! I will have to say other than the swear words he picks up he does have an awesome vocabulary mostly because he has never been talked to like a baby. Our friends are often impressed by his vocabulary but I am sometimes frightened by how bright he is! I am going to really have to hustle to keep up with this one!

He constantly challenges what I know about parenting, he is intense, sensitive, emotional, creative and ACTIVE! He has to move, he has to jump, he needs to talk about things, he touches, bumps, and makes noise all day long!! He doesn't sleep much so that makes my days pretty full! He is a different sort of joy in my day... he is often my greatest delight and biggest frustration! His need for movement exhausts me since I am one of those people that needs some alone, quiet, still time each day. His requests for my involvement in his activities is constant, he NEEDS me more than my other kids did. He has to connect with other humans constantly.... he is auditory and kinesthetic where my other kids are visual and kinesthetic. He loves to be read to but hasn't decided that reading is for him yet. He CAN read just chooses not to use that particular power if he can avoid it. He LOVES math (yeah I am raising an alien!) and has one of "those" minds for figures, symmetry, and calculations. I think he will be some sort of engineer or a lawyer (he loves to talk things through and out and convince others to his viewpoint!) or something else great. Currently he is planning to go to Africa to build houses for people who live there that don't have a house. He is also concerned about our local "hobos" and where they sleep at night when it rains or is cold. He laughs easily and cries easily always passionate about everything and everyone. He challenges me to be a better parent every day because he is an instant read barometer of how I am doing... his joy, his disappointment, his contentment, happiness, sadness, excitement, amazement is immediately shown on his face. He tells me a million times a day he loves me, that I am the BEST mom a boy could ever have and a million other things that humans need to hear. I am honored to be his mom! (after all I AM the BEST mom a boy could ever have!)

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Joell said...

Awww. That Jack IS such a cutie...and spectacular too! ;-) I LOVE the invisible rope story! Gave me a chuckle!