Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wow ! Watch me blog!!

So, many will say I have plenty to say on a variety of subjects... some might even say some of what I have to say might be worth reading! At the very least I will feel lightened by writing down my thoughts rather than snapping and venting on some poor unsuspecting store clerk who had the misfortune to ask "How are you today?" and have me actually answer truthfully!

I am a mother of four kids ages 7, 13, 15 and 18... 1 boy and 3 girls respectively. Our family does not fit any particular mold... even within the parameters of what typical describes a family there is no standard answer for us. We are homeschoolers who subscribe mostly to the unschooling lifestyle.

We have homeschooled long enough that we no longer feel compelled to justify to the public that we don't isolate our children and no, actually teaching physics doesn't intimidate me! I believe that children learn best when they are allowed to have the reigns in their educational process. I also believe that children grow up into good humans if they are expected to be good humans and treated as such.

I have a tattered soapbox that I often pull out (now that I am blogging I can keep it out and give it a place of honor!!) when people begin to talk about parenting children. Children are human beings people! They aren't some mini me version of the parent!! Just because you give birth doesn't mean you get another chance at living... you had your chance LET THE KID BE! So what you didn't get to take dance lessons... maybe YOUR kid doesn't WANT dance lessons! Don't assume what you like or don't like will be the same for your child. It's your JOB to help your child find their way not STAND IN THEIR WAY!

So anyway welcome to my blog! I promise every day won't be a vent... somedays I can be downright funny!

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